Hello everyone
Today we welcomed an expert in online safety to our school. Trevor Harris helped to teach us about how to avoid problems online, how to deal with things on the internet that upset us and how to keep our internet profile as private and positive as possible.
He worked with children from Reception to Year 6, and he will be returning after the holiday to lead a Parents Meeting.
I was very proud of how much the children knew already about how to behave on the internet.

Thank you to all the classes in school for putting so much work into Internet Safety Day.
Children in Key Stage 1 agreed on some rules to follow when using the internet, and pupils in Key Stage 2 helped to make the internet a ‘lovelier’ place by sending kind emails and posting encouraging and appreciate comments on the school website.

Thank you everyone.

We have made the internet an even better and safer place to visit.

Mr Moore

Yusuf’s band … or should that be banned?

Bouncing Blues


Chaos in the Wild West


Cowboy chaos


Funkin’ around


Hard rock


Tunes of doom

Internet Safety Week

I’m very pleased with the feedback I’ve has so far from the staff and the children about this very important time.

I’m very pleased to report that every class in school has received training in e-safety awareness. It is very reassuring to know that our pupils know what they should do to protect themselves when online and how to deal with anything that upsets them.

More to follow …


Mr Moore

Teacher’s Pests

Ahoy there everyone

Creative Computing Club has already been lots of fun and highly productive.

Our first project has been to learn to make music with Garageband. I had wanted to start a band – The Teacher’s Pets. It didn’t take long before the children had changed the name to The Teacher’s Pests, which actually somehow seems so much more appropriate.

I hope you enjoy their latest releases.

Mr Moore